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Re: AO-7's Command Op

I've been racking my brain trying to figure out what rigs hams had in the
70's that would have made AO-7 easier to command that we don't have 
today.  The only thing I can come up would be a plate modulated AM transmitter.

Also, just for fun, I wanted to see how wide the mode A passband was.  I 
was able to downlink a signal through the bird passed 29.553 mHz, and I 
could have gone higher.  I haven't checked the low end yet.


At 06:36 AM 7/15/02 -0400, Mike73@aol.com wrote:

>Hi Rich,
>I guess it's time for me to step forward out of the shadows. The behavior
>you're observing is being caused by me. I'm the so called "Covert AO-7
>Command Operator".
>Before everyone gets all crazy, please let me try and explain a few things.
>First, I asked to remain "covert" for a period of time because I did
>not want to have to deal with the inevitable flood of email that will
>result from my identity being known. At the time, I was in a critical
>phase of trying to command the bird and needed to concentrate on that
>task. There were a number of technical hurdles to overcome, not the
>least of which is dealing with 30 year old stuff.
>I know I'm going to get a lot of email, so I've put together the following
>FAQ. Please read through it. Hopefully it will answer some of your
>questions and avoid you sending them to me. <grin>
>Q: Tell me how the commands work.
>A: Sorry, I _will not_ discuss any of the command details. Don't even ask.
>Q: Tell me how the hardware works.
>A: Sorry, I _will not_ discuss any of the command details. Don't even ask.
>Q: What are the plans for AO-7.
>A: I haven't foggiest! My job is to investigate what commands work and
>what commands don't after 21 years. It's really exciting, but tedious work.
>Imagine the thrill of seeing this antique accept your first command after
>all these years! For me, this is similar to the experience I had not long
>ago hearing the AO-40 24 GHz K Band beacon the first time. I've gone from
>techno to retro in a short period of time.
>Q: I'm doing a satellite demo next Monday night. Can you make sure AO-7
>is in Mode B?
>A: Sorry, as I stated above, my only job is to test various commands.
>Q: When it comes to AO-7. I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it
>anymore! Just leave it alone!
>A: OK, take one of your little yellow pills and then send off a note to
>your favorite AMSAT official. Honestly, if you have concerns, voice them
>to Robin, VE3FRH or one of the Board of Directors. Everyone here is trying
>to do the right thing.
>Q: How can I help?
>A: Of most interest to me is how AO-7 "wakes up" as it enters sunlight.
>Also, any observations of simultaneous multiple modes would be most
>valuable. Yoshi Imaishi, JF6BCC is compiling an excellent list of
>observations. Please send him whatever you have. jf6bcc@jarl.com
>You can view the list at:
>Q: Can you tell us _anything_ about this satellite?
>A: I can tell you that command attempts are successful. I've only tested
>a very limited number of functions, but it's very encouraging. I hope
>to be able to do a write up on all the fun I've been having. Maybe it
>will be in the AMSAT Journal or perhaps a presentation at the
>AMSAT Symposium later this year. (get your tickets now <grin>)
>I still have a ton of work to do. So please try and keep the email to
>a minimum. I'll try and answer what I can.
>Mike, N1JEZ
>AMSAT #29649
>Local Area Coordinator
>"A closed mouth gathers no feet."
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Via the amsat-bb mailing list at AMSAT.ORG courtesy of AMSAT-NA.
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