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Re: Commercial 2.4 GHz sats

Jim Walls wrote:

According to Nova, XM-1 (at 89.3 degrees) covers most of Alaska - except the western portion of the state).  XM-2 covers all of Alaska.  I will point out that the coverage may be pretty marginal as the angle is pretty low, but all of Alaska is in at least one of the footprints.

Wayne replies:

Geosynchronous satellites often have so much antenna gain that the antenna pattern is much smaller than the "footprint" of the satellite.  So XM-1 may not necessarily be easy to hear in Alaska.  The signal bandwidth is very wide, so the signal just sounds like noise to a narrow band SSB or FM receiver.

Nevertheless, it still has some use as an "always there" S-band signal source.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA

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