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Re: "Rich Dailey, KA8OKH" hears AO-7 being telecommanded

>Larry - can't you just make a phone call and fix it like ao-6?  -hi.

No those simple times are gone forever.  I was looking at the globe last 
night and IF the management of the new AO-7 can be really made to work well 
there is no reason that areas of the world that don't have problems could 
not use either transponder over a given area.

It might take a pile of equipment to do the telecommand, two different 
bands etc, but if everything went OK it could be done.  One thing is when 
the dust settles and what is possible is known and understood then there 
will be some decisions to be taken.  I wouldn't buy shares in it yet, but 
if, just if it did get stabilized one could expect that an investment in a 
users station could be good for a very very long time.  There is precious 
little left to wear out now hi.

The really tricky part will be to put it under a management process that 
does not over burden the AMSAT workers.  The Internet can be a big item to 
relieve this as well as some rather smart software to figure out fast which 
side of the nickle is up when AO-7 kicks in each crossing of the terminator 
from dark to light.

Time will tell of course, but the little CW transmitter I built for AO-7 is 
in my junk somewhere and it would be nice to get to use it again.


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