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Re: Trees

I suppose one more tree story can't hurt .
I happen to live where the local telephone company cares less about
whether I have Internet.   Small town of 130 folks in a farming
community.    Then a 802.11 company showed up in the county.      It
happened to be owned by a local farmer .     Don't ask me why.     I
talked that farmer into installing the 2.4 gHz high speed in the local
school.     In my sneaky ways I could envision that 2.4 gHz at my house.
It was only 1588 feet to my house.       1588 feet of trees up a hill.   
 Not on my best day could I get enough 2.4 gHz signal with two dishes
looking at one another .      The short end of this story is I now have
the high speed Internet on 2.4 gHz but it travels 17 miles ( no trees )
using a 36 inch BBQ dish vertically polarized on my end and it works
great ( 100 milliwatt ).    I also use 2.4 gHz to hook up a second TV to
the 12 gHz DirecTV system.
I worked T88ZF with 28 degrees of squint this past week with all 2.4 gHz
system running .
Something is going my way.

Joe  K0VTY


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