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I remember years ago when the cable companies first installed tvro dishes. I
worked as a tech for a consumer electronics co. in  the southern tier of NY.
I had HBO on my system and recorded a tape of two movies and a short for a
customer just across the border in PA. who's cable hadn't added one yet. One
winter they did and it was fine. As spring came the signal got all noisy and
snowy. He had complained to the cable co about  and they said they were
working on it. So during one of my visits he showed me the signal on HBO. I
asked him if he knew where the antenna site was and we went there to take a
look. It was on a hill, but to the west on the otherside of the road from
the dish was a row of trees with their foliage right inline with the dish
feed. I told him that was probably there problem and they didn't think about
the trees when they installed it in the wintertime and they were probably
trying to work something out to have them removed or move the dish. When I
saw him next, he said problem solved. He went up with his chain saw and cut
them all down. I bet there was a  some problems between the cable co and the
owner of that land over that little incident.


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