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Re: AO-40 question


Ditto here..using NOVA, but from memory when I used InstaTrak, there was a
nice display of satellite-earth orientation (thus shown squint).


>Nearly all the software available for the PC does what you ask:
>Nova for Windows
>LogSat Pro (Windows)
>InstaTrak (Dos via Amsat)
>and many more.
>My favorite for Windows is Nova. Best eye-candy and extremely configurable,
>but could be a bit daunting for the first time user. LogSat Pro is pretty
>simple and works well. InstaTrak is for dos and runs fine under windows and
>is relatively easy to use, but specifying the schedule is a bit
>None of these are free...all shareware. IT helps Amsat.
>There are freeware programs out there, I just can't recall their names. 73
>hasan schiers, N0AN

>> Hi gang,
>> Is there any software available that will display squint as well as a
>> chart or some other means showing when the satellite is turned on
>> and when it's off in relation to a station's specific location?
>> Thanks,
>> Steve

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