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Re: confirmation of logic failure, AO-7

Hello to All;
- Referering to Freddy's observation, please see my message from yeasterday,
the 2 meter beacon behavior on orbit #26537 with the "tone frequency
shifting" up and down.
Let me try to expain, In my observation, if you do not tune for "tone
correction", the "correct
tone" will return to the expected spot.Further I observed that this behavior
happened on the
ascending node util aprox. 20 deg elevation, from 20 up to the max, if I
remember well 45 deg.
the anomaly ceased and I had a 589 20 wpm cw transmission. Mode B was fully
and a test transmission gave me a fb return.No beacon birdies have been fond
in the 2 meter
passband. 29.500 and 435.1 beacons off.The "tone frequency"maintained a
stable condition
until 30- 20 deg in the descending node and started to detune again and
loose signal power.
Trying to understand the above situation, I can only understand, that it
must be power related.
My question is, I'm located 3 deg South,60 deg. West, Manaus Brasil, how
much Sun Illumi-
nation do the solar cells get in  a equatorial area comparing to the
Northern/ Southern Hemisfere,
daytime condition naturally.I found a telemetry decoder program by Tim K3TZ
and will try to
find out what is happening in this particular matter.In almost two weeks of
observation, I always
met with well defined operating modes, A or B, or, sorry nothing on or
As far I found out the eclipse areas are around the poles, North or South.I
am using Nova for
Windows as a tracking aid and I will try do do some simulations for better
understanding of the
eclipses and illumination amount.
That is what I have from tis end.

73 de Nick PP8DA

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> Larry Kayser wrote:
> > >Jim:
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> > I am choosing to divide your email up into four sections.
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Message from Freddy ON7VG:

> Abouth AO-7:
> I just followed a pass above Europe (my location is near Brussels), and I
> something strange:
> doppler shift on the 2 m beacon is, normaly, approx. 3 khz (on both sides
> nom. freq. of course). The beacon had a verry rough
> tone this evening, and doppler seemed to be 5 or 6 Khz!!!! Only at the end
of the
> pass (and until AO-7 was
> more than 5 deg after the horizon), I could here the 10m beacon, but at
that time
> there was no signal left on 2 meter.
> I did not follow the passband, to see if there where signals
> passing on mode A or mode B. But I tried once and noticed the same "rough
> beacon at 145.854.
> The orbit number was (1)26541.
> What could be this strange "drift" in the freq. of the 2meter beacon (was
it the 2
> meter beacon anyway?)
> Someone out there had the same experience?
> I look forward to learn from your experience!
> 73
> Freddy, ON7VQ
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