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Re: AO-7 status report

>Hi Larry,
>On 10th July 2002, from 13:16 to 13:26z the 2M CW beacon
>was on, and the 70cm beacon was off. The mode B Transponder
>(70cm/2m) also on, I can hear my own cw signal on 2M downlink.
>You may get more info from Yoshi's site :


Hey Great!  Can the information collected be expanded to the next level?

Could the type of telemetry heard, CW slow, CW fast, RTTY, Codestore be 

Could a column be kept to indicate if the observer heard any dual 
transponder ON times?

Could someone print a list of dark to light terminator crossings for the 
turn on each orbit of AO-7 for say the next week be listed so that the 
start up sequence could be looked at? (see my memo about the 435.1 beacon 
start up process)

And last but not least.  In any activity like this the amount of data to be 
studied can overload those doing the studying.  A very important need is to 
understand and document what is different from the norm so that we can 
catch the events that add new knowledge to the current status of AO-7.

Who will be first to submit a .wav file with a sample of RTTY or possibly 


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