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Re: AO - 7, some progress to report

Greetings all:

See my earlier memo re we need to get some things happening re AO - 7 .....

The AMSAT worker who is trying to figure out how to get a command station 
going for AO - 7 reports some progress.  Progress that has real potential 
to help AMSAT find out if AO - 7 can be brought under some form of control 
and management.

He has found a piece of surplus radio equipment that has potential to be 
"modified" and "adapted" to be an AO - 7  command transmitter.  This piece 
of surplus is being worked on now and the outlook for the surgery is good 
to excellent.  This is a big step forward over trying to use a modern VHF 
radio hi.

What progress are YOU making towards helping develop new knowledge about 
AO-7 today?


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