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RE: AO-7

>AO-7's rebirth took us all by surprise. Scrounging thru the junk boxes,
>files and brains of W3GEY (the AO-7 project manager), W4PUJ (who built much
>of the hardware) and me (who was a flunky on the project), aided by
>recollections from VA3LK (who was VE3QB when the satellite was launched), we
>have managed to dig up a command uplink encoder, command list, uplink
>frequency info, etcetera.
>One of our enthusiastic satellite users has been attempting to regain some
>measure of control this week, but so far hasn't found the magic gold ring

Hey Tom

You shuda added that you are having a lot of fun with this as well as when you guys built the bird.

Glad to see it.


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