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RE: Re: [ans] ANS-181

At 02:03 PM 7/1/02 -0400, "Tom Clark \(W3IWI\)" <w3iwi@toad.net> wrote:

>To those who ask "Why don't you guys build xxxx?" my answer for a lot of
>years has been "Why aren't you doing it? Are you willing to volunteer to
>take a significant role in making your xxxx happen?"
>73 de Tom, W3IWI

  There are some people that know what they want in orbit. There are some 
people that know how to build it. There are some people that know were to 
find the parts for it, and then there are people like me who will donate to 
put it up there.  All these people play a significant role.  We can't have 
an Oscar without all of them working together.  Are the designers and 
builders willing to do another bird with analog mode B? That's the 
question. There is no way I would ever attempt to construct any part of a 
satellite, I have no skill. I looked at detailed photos of AO-40 components 
and photos of AO-7 that KB5MU put back up.  Those systems, built by hand, 
part by part, were so well constructed that you would think a machine was 
use to assemble it.  I couldn't do quality work like that and I don't have 
the background, But I can donate.
There is a place for FM birds, and I hope we always have a good one in 
orbit.  Donating to have another one is going to be tough for me to do 
unless something is changed or added to make the bird more exiting.  I'll 
feel better once I have Mode S going and can hear ao40 again.  The last 
time I heard it was its 10 over 9 signal on 2 meters and I was itching work 

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