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Re: ao-7 Telemetry speed.

>Ha Dave, My pencil doesn't need to be sharp to copy that one.
>All I know about SpaceQuest is found in the minutes of the AMSAT-NA BOD 
>meeting on page 27 of the JAN/FEB issue of the AMSAT Journal.  This latest 
>issue of the Journal, which I haven't had time to read yet, has an article 
>on Eagle, and so it might also mention Spacequest.  One thing is for sure, 
>they know how to sell a satellite: "Good-bye JJ, Hello Easy-sat(Taxi 
>drivers & fisherman included)."  And as far as starting a satellite that 
>we would like to see set launched, that's a long ways away now. Probably 
>light years away.
>At 10:39 AM 7/1/02 -0700, you wrote:
>>>Twice this weekend I heard slow CW on the AO7 beacon.  Has anyone 
>>>determined why yet?
>>Vince, you've just got to listen faster!!
>>I've been trying my best to get the powers that be to dump that dumb FM 
>>mode on our
>>next bird, but so far I've heard nothing but excuses, or why "it can't be 
>>changed now",
>>and in my way of thinking that is hogwash..Most people I know want it 
>>changed, but
>>seems like they are just too timid to let anyone know...maybe I'm a voice 
>>against the wind??
>>Do you know who Space Quest is?  I've asked Robin.

>>Oh well, guess I just have to hope they don't screw around with O7 if 
>>they can't handle
>>changes here on earth...

Well, I assume the contibuters are getting what they asked for and expected.
I just never dreamed that "we" would put up another FM bird, but I guess that
there are more "we's" for an FM...

AO40 is neat, and that should keep me more than busy for the next ten years!!

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