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RE: Idea about an P4A (Moon relay station)

> Date: Mon, 01 Jul 2002 12:41:53 -0800
> From: "Edward R. Cole" <al7eb@ptialaska.net>
> Subject: RE:  [amsat-bb] Idea about an P4A (Moon relay station)
> >
> >If the moon is a crazy idea ...why is amsat putting resourses in a mars
> >project ?? I wonder what use it wil have for amateurs ?? 
> 	[...]
> ... I believe one purpose was to relay data for scientific surface probes...
> 	[...]

I believe that this is a role of the Mars Odyssey orbiter.  See:


Some may find the specification of the CCSDS Proximity-1 Space Link
protocol (which I understand has been implemented on the Odyssey)
interesting.  See:


While there a number of things I would have done differently, the
Proximity-1 protocol may be useful in stimulating thought about
what a satellite protocol ought to look like.  (Yes, it's true.
I believe that we ought to be thinking about space communications
protocols beyond AX.25...)

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