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Re: AO-27 & SO-41

In ZL 70 cm is a shared band. Amateur use is on a "non interference basis" 
(well, that's what it says of my licence). Perhaps that is true also of 
Saudi Arabia.

Now, I know that SO41 is hardly going to be monitoring Saudi oil pipeline 
temperatures while it's over ZL, and I don't even know if it uses 70 cm to 
downlink the results, but... it would seem perfectly legal to do so, at 
least here.

Perhaps that too, is also true in other countries.

Sil - ZL2CIA

--- snip ---
> > > so-42 (saudisat 1b) monitors the pipeline temperatures on all passes, 
> thus no
> > > ham activity.
> >
> > In an AMATEUR frequency band ???????
> >
>Jam the down link if in the 145 Sat band...........
>Ban THEM...
>They have enough money to build GEOSATS to monitor this..
>Lobby for a switch off both there bird..
>Why give them AO designation the only a few QSO are made?????
>Get them out of the ham band!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>Making A fuss abt uplinking to AO7 on 432Mhz...Wake up get non
>Ham LEO out of the ham band..
>73's Etienne
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