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Idea about an P4A (Moon relay station)


this weekend I was at the HAM RADIO in Friedrichshafen (Germany) and I did 
ofcourse visit the AMSAT-DL stand. I have met many satellite amateurs and 
discussed about many space topics.

I did also spoke with Karl Meinzer about an P4 (moon) station, and he agreed 
with me that it is technically possible to have an amateur station working 
on the moon surface.

Ofcourse it is not easy, but it is possible. In my opinion it is even 
possible in amateur ways to make such an station. I mean with technologies 
used in Ao40 and other OSCARS.

One of the problems what Karl Meinzer also told me, is to get the station on 
the moon surface without any damage. I have more knowledge about electronics 
than about orbit and landing problems so I have not THE answer. This will be 
also an problem, but problems are there to be solved :-)

What about making some kind of "skippy bal", like with the path-finder on 
Mars. The "skippy-bal"will bounce on the moon with the P4 station protected 
at the inside. When it stoppped bouncing, the "skippy-bal" can be defloated 
and the P4 station is stable on the moon surface.

I am sure there are many more option and solutions, just don't give up. 
Please don't send me messages that it is imposible, just send me ideas how 
it IS (maybe) POSSIBLE :-)

(It is possible, we just need to puzzle out how...)

73 de PE1RAH, William.

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