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Re: AO-07: wouldn't it be cool...

>...if we could pursuade the telecomms
>agencies to allow us to test the AO-07
>S band TX on 2304.100 MHz after almost
>30 years in orbit without power :-)
>I bet the OM's at SMBS would would love it ;-)
>Ah - daydreaming,
>Michael, OH2AUE


That is an understatement...I was coresp. secretary for sbms during the
construction period on the 2304.1 beacon, though I didn't directly help
build it.  It was a MAJOR disappoint to the group when "politics" prevented
the activation of the object of their hard work.  When AO-7 reappeared I
thought of that.  Many members went to view the launch.  

I imagine that permission would still not be available, even though
apparently "officials" are turning a "blind eye" on the quasi-official
operation of mode-B.  Probably the bigger question is whether it can be
commanded at all, after all the years.  Will the bird accept any commands,
and would the "command group" take the risk?  My guess everyone is just
going to let the bird be as long as it continues to operate.

Thanks for reminding everyone of the beacon and the group that built it!

"farthest north member of sbms"

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