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Re: AO-40 FAQ

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> 24 GHz!

Well, let's see.....

K Band - 24 GHz

=> What power/frequency does AO-40 use on K Band?

The satellite operates on K Band with 1 watt into a 23 dBi linear horn 
antenna. There is 50 kHz of bandwidth and AO-40's 400 baud BPSK telemetry is 
also transmitted within the K Band transponder. The Beacon frequency is 
24,048.035 MHz. The transponder is 24,048.010 - 24,048.060 MHz.

AO-40 transmits on K Band only. There is no uplink on K Band.

=> When is K Band active?

Typically near apogee when the squint angle is low. Consult the latest 
transponder schedule available at: 

=> Is equipment available "off the shelf" for this band?

Yes. For a few sources, check:
Kuhne Electronics - DB6NT (http://www.db6nt.com)
SSB Electronic (http://www.ssbusa.com) 
Procom (http://www.procom-dk.com/) 

=> What are the minimum requirements for K Band receive operation.

Based on my testing, 36 dBd linear and < 2 dB NF will work. There will be 
QSB. Circular polarity is desirable. I suggest you go to: 
http://members.aol.com/mike73 and listen to the audio and decide for yourself.

=> Is anyone operating K Band?

Yes. Check:


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