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Mode B

I am amazed and excited about the return of 
A0-07 to partial operation.  However my operating experience
on all of the analog sats from and including AO-10 does
not coincide with all the praise for mode B. It was
great on AO-10 and AO-13 but you needed 100 w
and 14 foot boom ants. I had an array of 4 x 6 el
quagis on 2m and 4 x 10 helix on 70 cm. I would say
that if AO-07 went our to 40 of 50 k kilometers you
would need similar equipment.  On AO-40 I have 
reduced my 70 cm uplink to 2 x 10 turn helix and
seldom need 100 watts. In place of the large 2 m
array I have a 4 foot dish which hears the transponder
noise.  I have an array of 4 x 27 turn helix on 1269 and
it is compact in size.  I have A FT-736R with only 10
watts in the shack to the 23 cm ants and over 1/3
of my QSO's have been made that way . I made 20
field day QSO;s all with 10 watts or less on L1 and
that with AO-40 out at 60 k kilometers. 

I personally do not enjoy the kind of operation that
UO-14 provides. But on every pass it is always 
busy and you can log from 15 to 20 different call signs
In defense of Echo I would say it will be a well used
and popular bird. 

I also have found mode J very easy to do and 
see little difference in operating it than mode B.

Clare VE3NPC

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