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N1HOQ/p FN51 Report and Log.

Hi folks!
     What a day at Marconi Station, beautiful weather, fantastic scenery, a 
beach and some neat history. First station worked was GQ8ATE in England, how 
fitting a way to start!  In between passes I got to roam around the site and 
take a few pix, and work on the tan,hi. After the breakdown, I just couldn't 
leave FN 51 without stopping for a platter of fried Wellfleet Harbor 
     Glad to work all of you and I return QSL 100%, with special card. I'll 
post when I go out again. The Log follows  ::

June 29, 2002

CALL                 SAT                 TIME  (utc)

GQ8ATE           UO-14                 1234
KB2M               UO-14                 1236
WA1ECF           UO-14                1236
VE2VB              UO-14                1237
N2UN                UO-14                1237
W3VI                 UO-14                1238
K1IMA               UO-14                1241
NP2BT              UO-14                 1242   
N4ZQ                UO-14                 1242 
N9UUR              SO-41                1400
KK5DO              SO-41                1400
K5OE                SO-41                1401    
KD4APP            SO-41                1402
N5UUA              SO-41                1402
N8QGC              SO-41                1403
KO4MA              SO-41                1404
WA1ECF            SO-41                1406
VA3VD               UO-14                1412
VE6EGN            UO-14                1413
N9UUR/P           UO-14                 1414
K9HF                 UO-14                 1414
KD4NOQ            UO-14                 1416
K8KFJ                UO-14                 1417
N8QGC              UO-14                  1419
K4AVO              UO-14                  1420
KD6NA              UO-14                   1421
XE2AT               UO-14                   1421
N5UUA              SO-41                   1542
K6YK                SO-41                   1543
KB2M                SO-41                   1544
KC0COU            SO-41                   1544           
VE6EGN            SO-41                   1547
K9UTQ               UO-14                   1554
K9PO                 UO-14                   1554
KC2GYD            UO-14                   1555
VE5SWL            UO-14                   1556

73 de Shawn, N1HOQ.
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