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AO-07 - 29 June

Good Morning,

AO-07 beacon on 435.1 was on with weak signal and stable frequency on
during 1140 to 1153 UTC pass.

Bird was in Mode B during 1330 to 1352 UTC pass.  Passband sounded like a
20 meter DX pileup.  Lots of very strong signals (both SSB and CW) and
lots of FM'ing.  Incidentally, I heard stations who were S9 saying they
couldn't turn the power down anymore and I have said that at times myself
but strictly speaking that's really not true.  The mike gain will turn
the power down to zero!  I need an automatic mic gain control hooked up
to my blood pressure.  Like a lot of folks, when things get tough I get
loud - a habit no doubt that was developed in DX pile ups.  Even though
it's counter productive I can't seem to break the habit.

Bird was operating in Mode A during 1523 to 1543 UTC pass.  Signals were
very weak.  Not many signals in the passband.  Managed a short QSO with
Eagan, VE6EGN on SSB and made contact with John, W8JAQ on CW but we
didn't exchange much information.  Frequency was stable for the most part
during the entire pass.

73 de Jess - W4MVB
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