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So Much For Mode A!

Well just when you think you might be on to something, AO-7 shows up on Mode 
B on the 13:34 UTC June 29, 2002 North America pass. Great fun working CW 
and what a bunch of signals were being heard. It appears most have it 
figured out by now that if your signal gets a little squirrelly sounding, 
better know as FM'ing, back the output power down and it will usually clear 
things up. That is unless someone else close to you is killing it.

Four!!!  That's right, count 'em. ONE TWO THREE FOUR daylight passes of AO-7 
at my location today. Granted two of them are only .9 and .1 degree 
elevation, but I don't know of any other operational LEO satellite that can 
do that. Pretty Cool!!  73 Keith N4ZQ

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