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Out of the Darkness

Here's my data for AO-7 on orbit number 26380 01:24 UTC June 29, 2002 from 
my location near Clearwater Florida (EL88oa)

Predicted AOS 01:24:00 UTC in ECLIPSE by Logsat using Kelso Kep Set #103

           at 01:25:00 UTC FOOTPRINT touches Gray line- OUT OF ECLIPSE

  Actual  AOS 01:26:06 at 7.5 degree elevation on 29.502

Signal weak and buried in local QRN. Had just gotten out of a typical 
Florida summer thunderstorm which was reported to have 35 lighting stokes 
every 60 seconds. That's one stroke every 2 seconds, not to mention the 2 
1/2 inches of rain. No wonder the Tampa Bay area is the lighting capital of 
the US and second in the World.  But it was a ascending pass, meaning it 
would get closer and stronger. By the time it was overhead, elevation 88.2 
degrees, the SATELLITE was just touching the gray line on Logsat. Maximum 
sunlight?  The 10 meter signal was the best I've ever heard it. Strong and 
stable, NO FMing the entire pass. Recorded the pass and will try to decipher 
the telemetry over the static crashes later today.

LOS predicted at 01:47 UTC at 0 degree elevation.

Actual LOS at 01:48 UTC ????

Keps off or over the horizon copy, not sure which.

Computer clock set to NIST and with in 1 second of UTC..
Shack clock with in one second of WWV.

My gut feeling is that 10 meter AOS DID NOT occur till AO-7 was JUST in 
sunlight. More data from south of my location would be helpful. Anyone?

Keith N4ZQ

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