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Re: AO-7 Emergency receiver

The fact of the matter is that with an emergency receiver we would´nt have
to send up new satellites every second year so I don´t think there would be
a problem of frequency congestion. It´s just such an utterly waste of time,
money and effort to have a completely healthy satelite killed off by some
stupid battery short - a problem that could certainly be addressed one way
or the other. And if one would plan for a future on solar power only, the
sat´s behaviour would not be as erratic as that of today´s Oscar 7.

Maybe the designers at the time never realized that solar cells might have a
life span of 30 years or more. Yes, this is truly a matter worthy of some

Oscar 7 also has a near-perfect orbit for a LEO, at least on our latitudes.
It appears over the Stockholm horizon 10 times a day from 6 am to around 11
pm in 20 minute passes. That amounts to three hours of daily operating time.
And it stays that way until Xmas Eve both this and the next year.

Ingo / SM0AIG

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From: "Richard W L Limebear" <Richard@g3rwl.demon.co.uk>

> "SM0AIG" writes:
> > And the s/c
> > would live happily ever after, singing to us for decades.
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> But do we really want them all to stay on. Really. All of them. Sure,
> some candidates for this (with 20/20 hindsight) but I'm not totally
> this would be a good idea. For a start we'd run out of frequencies for any
> new birds.
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> Could make an interesting debate.
Richard W L Limebear G3RWL

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