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Oscar 7

My first Oscar 7 contact since my last one with Perry, WB8OTH, Obetz, Ohio on
28 May 1981 was with XE1XT, Agua Caliente at 1640 UTC 28 June 2002.
That's 21+ years, Perry, from MODE J CLUB MEMBER #200!!  Are you the
one that issued those certificates??

I also talked to Max in Mexico City on 26 April 1981 on O7...

Whew, think I was more excited about this one than I was 21 years ago!
And we all comunicated every time!

For the sun curious:  O7 was in the sun at ~1609 UTC, and I acquired at
1628 UTC.  The 2M beacon was FM'ing severely when I first heard it at AOS,
I could barely copy the cw...About 9 minutes into the pass the FM'ing
disappeared.  XE1XA and K6YK, John, were FM'ing moderately, but my own downlink
was very clear, not a trace of FM.  I put a headset on, just to check.
Who can explain that one?  I was using about 3 watts up (as low as I could go)
with a 12 db antenna RHCP

That's more than I can say about the "two-user" FM birds, where if you attempt
a conversation, someone bitches because they want to make their "contact", or
they run up the power to squeeze you out.  If the present ongoing FM voice bird
is in the mill we ought to get it out, and install a transponder...
I'll donate so those people can buy cell phones, so they can "talk" on a

How many people are going to stay interested for very long in a satellite
where all one does is make a contact and vacate to wait for the next pass to
  do the same thing again??  I tried to communicate on one once, and got
chastized because I was taking up too much time!!  That ended it for me
in a hurry!  I've got better things to do than fire up the station to make
a contact so I can hear my callsign.  Not oftener than once a year, at most..

  It is pretty obvious what satellites are not designed for
"real communications" by the fact that all the "communicating"
is being done on the reflector...

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn....

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