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To elaborate on the earlier post:
1st pass , rushed home from job ( I'm a contract technician ) and tuned
around both bands ( 2M and 10M ).Found ao7 ( I think) at the time
predicted but could not decipher the telemetry using hamscope. Found
later that the @#$$#@ power supply on my "Digital" laptop caused lots of
interference on 2M. The freqs and time strongly point to ao7, according
to satscape and sts (running on an old Toshiba t 1910 with NO
interference on 2M !)
Rushed off to the next job, came home in time for the next pass, nothing
on 2M but did hear morse on 10M, tried to make at least a mode A hear
thyself contact but failed, Probably antennae problems. Very strong
On 10 was observed. I did hear another carrier on 10 that sounded like
it was from a sat, which is why I tried to make a contact.
Wow this really is fun, reminds me of times long ago tracking sats with
(very) homebrewed software running on 6800 development kits, and later
using OSI 6502 machines then a ZX81, ( with GRAPHICS !)
However time marches on and I watch with great interest the current
debates on FM SSB DIGITAL etc modes,I'm fascinated with the current work
by Bob and PC sat I'll (maybe) never use it, but like the concept.
(2M FM isn't It?)
Likewise I am building from scratch an AO 40 rcv system, based on my 1.6
gig wx system ( also homebrewed ) It may even work, but the fun is in
trying,I really find it amusing to read some of the posts on the bbs
decrying FM or digital or some other pet hate, It may be that Itís a
little too easy to get into Amateur radio now?.Some of the more
technical posts seem to have drawn more than their share of criticism,
and do seem to me to display a great lack of technical nous. I really
like to read stuff from Bob B (Pcsat) Phil K (every thing!)There are
many others,And I appreciate the work they do. I don't appreciate the
moaners and grizzlers I have to read before I delete them.
Yep I don't have morse I Did not see the use for it, If any more old
sats resurrect themselves I may have to change!

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