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Re: RE: AO-7 and legalities

At the risk of stiring yet another spoon into the pot...

What if AO-7 had never gone off the air 20-odd years ago.  Hams
were operating through it (apparently, all but one, legally enough).
I strongly doubt the rules change would have had any different
outcome, i.e. the creation of the amateur satellite service, and
the new sub bands it operates in would have been just the same.
We would all *still* be enjoying working the satellite, just as we
did during its first lifetime.

So if we turned off the satellite for a while, say, to recondition
the batteries, and then turned it back on, the outcome would still
be the same.  We'd still be using it.

So, why does the bird's awakening after 20-odd years change anything?
It's still the same satellite we launched over two decades ago.
We should still operate it now the same way we did back then,

Greg  KO6TH

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