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AO-7 report

Hi Yoshi,
Many thanks for your time and dedication in putting together a condensed
report on the operation of AO-7.
The following is my latest addition following observations I made on the
evening of 27th June.

On orbit  No. 26364 only heard the bird active in 2 metres, The pass time
was between 1853 - 1915 hrs GMT and the bird from the tracking programmes
was in sunlight.  Nothing heard on 70cm or 29 Mhz.

On orbit  No. 26365 only heard the bird active on the 29 Mhz beacon.    The
pass time was predicted as between 2047 - 2108 hrs
The interesting point about this pass was that I did not hear the 29 Mhz
beacon until the satellite was shown on the tracking point 
to be in sunlight.  -     The footprint for the satellite ground cover
showed that I should have heard the bird but it went through a
transition point  of eclipse before I got any capture of the beacon.

Ken Eaton
South Wales - UK  
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