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AOS 1993 utc 27th. 145.9731 LOS 2007 145.9675
Unfortunately a local carrier clobbered the pass , but slow morse was
decoded at times. Doppler seems to fit ao7 pass predictions. Carrier
found to be my laptop power supply( so I guess that won't be running
Nothing heard on 10 metres.
AOS 2151 27th. Los 2156 28.501 very deep fading, faster morse. NO laptop
running so I'm not sure what the morse was ( Sorry I'm not a morse man.
Yet) keps predicted AO7. Tried to uplink but nothing heard. This is
probably my fault as every thing here is somewhat untidy and rushed. I
will try this weekend to get some order in the shack, and also get 70cm
going again.
 Nothing heard during eclipses, but 70 cm rcv is not working yet.

Cheers, Don,

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