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Re: AO-7 design lesson

On Thu, Jun 27, 2002 at 03:30:38PM -0400, A Thomas wrote:

> Wouldn't it make sense for future amateur satellite designs to include a
> default switch such that when the rechargeable batteries failed to charge
> the default would be that the solar panels would be switched through the
> main bus? It's only one transistor really, but then we would still have the
> satellite when she is out of eclipse.

OK, Im younger than AO-7, so am I probably talking crap here, but
I'm guessing satellites of the AO-7 vintage are very much simpler
than today's birds.

Certainly, As I understand it a lot of the later birds go into
a "safe-mode" on power-up after a loss of power, and need ground
control to bring up the transponders etc ? Or am I wrong here ?

So, Im not sure that having this feature would actually gain us
much, if the bird needs to be within range of a control station
everytime it comes out of eclipse.

Then again of course it would give us one more thing to try and
prove _why_ a bird suddenly goes silent, and it would be pretty
cheap weight (sorry, mass) wise.



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