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Re: drifting

I've always been an uplink adjuster my self, no matter what the mode.  I 
know I'm bucking the trend on mode J.  On the Fuji birds if I get into a 
round table and I find none of them are adjusting their TX, then I'll slide 
down the band with them tuning only tuning the downlink.  I understand the 
point of the "One True Rule"  and the need for everyone to do it the same 
way. I just like compensating for doppler by changing the uplink rather 
that the downlink.

At 09:38 PM 6/26/02 -0500, kk5do@arrl.net wrote:
>for the real scoop on this, you can read the article by paul, kb5mu, at the
>amsat web site.
>the poor mans way when you cannot correct doppler with both up and downlink,
>you should always correct for doppler with the higher of the two frequencies
>because doppler affects that frequency the most. there for, if you are
>receiving on 2m and transmitting on 70cm, you should correct for doppler 
>on the
>70cm band. for mode a, with 10m down and 2m up, you would correct for doppler
>on the 2m band as that is the higher of the two frequencies and doppler 
>it the most.

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