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RE: AO-7 in Darkness -- Has anyone heard it?

> I finally remembered the jargon phrase. AO-7 is in a
> sun-synchronous orbit;
> this is designed to *always* come over at the same local time
> am and pm
> (its one of those things you get from an orbit at that
> inclination). After
> a few years the actual time drifts but the "same time, am and
> pm" characteristic
> still persists.
> AO-7 looks like its in a 7-8 o'clock configuration and, for
> all of us in the
> northern hemisphere, its summer so its daylight at both the
> am and pm times.

It's actually more like 08:30/20:30 local. You missed an hour because you
applied the summer  (a.k.a. daylight savings) time correction. When it was
launched it was a "9AM/9PM" orbit, and it looks to me like it has only
precessed about a half-hour (i.e. ~1 minute/year).


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