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No, I am not talking about doppler.

I have been on the sats for 26 years and know about that.

I am talking about the newcomers that want to tune receive only.

This lets their signals slide down frequency a BUNCH and you have to chase

This is stupid in my opinion.

I don't know where they got the idea to do that .

For 26 years the procedure was to tune the receive to get on a freq of the
guy you wanted to talk to.

Then (with earphones on) tune the transmit to get on HIS freq and chat.

While chatting you would slightly tune your TRANSMIT to keep on the same

But when someone only tunes recd freq, they start at the top end of the
band and end up in the cw portion of the band calling cq in ssb.

This causes interference.

Plus I have an Unitrac 2000 tracking and tuning system that adjusts BOTH
transmit and receive.

I am not going to turn it off because a few find it too hard to turn 2
knobs instead of one!!

So sit back and get ready for the pileup of those who disagree, ha, ha.

Perry WB8OTH

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