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RE: RE: AO-7 and legalities


This will be exceedingly difficult.  I hope that we can
demonstrate the ABILITY to turn off Mode B <<once>>.
If we can do (that is, get Meinzer to remember the
squelch tone circuit he added at final integration,
get an encoder board or program to sound card to work,
and remember the commands and remember the command
frequency!!), then we should issue the "shut up" command
once to demonstrate we can.

This will not hold of course.  Every time the bird goes
into eclipse, the old series of discrete logic command
decoders and settings logic will come up in a random
state and probably fiddle about until one of the modes
is recognized.  It almost certainly won't be off
enough to make it legal.  That means a ground station
would have to be at every possible place on the globe
telling it to turn off as soon as it comes out of

I leave near NYC:   FO GETTA BOUT IT.  It is here, it will
be here and I doubt the batteries will "reshort" to make
it completely die.


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Don't ask for a waver, The answer might be no.  Use the bird if you're
positive you won't be interfering with any weak signal ops in your area.  I
plan to use it until someone complains or Riley Hollingsworth sends me a
nasty gram.  But if you're chicken about using it, Don't call "CQ AO7" in
the passband, doing so will alert listeners that you're trying to work a
satellite and not weak signal.

On a side note, if AO-7 is still able to execute commands, there is a way
the original AO7 control operators stop mode B operation on the bird if
they were required to by regulating agencies. It would take a little work
but it could be done.


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