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AO-7 1440z pass on 06/26/02

Good Morning!

Like Perry I did not copy any telemetry until about the middle of the pass 
(almost overhead).  Then I found it on 435.1 mhz.  Good solid copy all the 
way to LOS (well almost solid  ---  the last minute or so were week but 

I taped the telemetry and will publish when the pencil decoder can be run.

I found the latest published keps to be accurate, yesterday and today.   We 
will be looking for the bird on the next pass (AOS at 1630 UTC at Holland, MI)

It was shear delight to dig out the old logbooks and recall the "good ole 
days"  ---   Remember when one had to be an octopus to work a 
pass.  Assuming crystal control of the xmitter (an on Johnson 
6N2)  ---  and home made rotors for tracking one had to:

tune the receiver for doppler,  read the printout for the az and el,  keep 
the rotors/antenna (both) on track and switch the polarity if you were 
lucky to have that,  key the cw transmitter, copy the cw (the pencil, 
again) .    And then there were other things to do, whew!!!  In between 
orbits, either generate another list of ax and el pointings or download the 
latest keps from   ......................   NOT the internet,  but Packet, 
if you were that lucky.

Man,  that was fun!!!

Jim Jipping,   W8MRR
AMSAT 5512  (low numbers translate to old geezers)


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