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AO-7 70cm tlm (baudot?)

Hi Guys,
   I saw this interesting snippet buried in the info that's been flowing 
to and fro lately.

AMSAT-OSCAR 7 contains two experimental telemetry systems designed for use
    with simple ground terminal equipment. The first system, developed by the
    WIA-Project Australis group in Australia, telemeters 60 parameters in 850-Hz
    shift, 60 WPM five-level Baudot teletype code to permit printout on standard
    teletype equipment in a format readily convertible for direct processing by
    small digital computer. The second system telemeters 24 parameters as
    numbers in standard Morse code and can be received with pencil and paper.
 From what I can gather the baudot tlm is supposed to come up on the 
70cm beacon when the bird is in mode A or mode "D" (70cm beacon only?).

Does any one know if this system ever worked?
Has anyone heard this system in the last few days?
Does anyone have any info on the "60 parameters"? (equations etc).

If we start seeing baudot tlm I'll be tempted to dust off my old PK-232MBX!!

73 de Geoff vk2tfg.

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