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Re: Kenpro rotor info

> I have a friend who has what I think may be a Kenpro KR-500.  It is an
> elevation rotor that is silver in color.  I can not find any model or serial
> numbers on it.  When it was dismantled for cleaning the motor seemed to work
> fine but it will not work with my G-5400B control box although the control
> box seems to read the position.
> I am looking for any info I can get on this rotor (manual/schematic).  If
> anyone has an old control box for this series of rotor, I may be interested
> in that also.

Hi Karl,

The good news is you can make it work. The bad news is it will take
a small amount of work if you consider that bad.

The KenPro KR-500 can work with the G-5400B control box if you
add a 100uF 60VAC capacitor to terminal pins 4 and 5 on the back
of the control box.

Since the G-5400B elevation rotor has the motor capacitor placed 
remotely in the motor it is different than the KenPro elevation rotor
where the motor capacitor was not mounted in the rotor, but in the
KenPro control box. You can get the capacitor from the Yaesu parts 
department and mount it inside your G-5400B control box. Just 
connect the capacitor to terminal lugs 4 and 5 on the elevation terminal 
strip on the back of the rotor control box for the elevation connections.
You can also mount the capacitor remotely in the elevation rotor as
well with a little mounting hardware. It will work either way. 

The good news is you will not need a new control box.

Tim - N8DEU
Huntsville, Alabama

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