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RE: AO-7 Euphoria and ECHO

>I wonder what kind of orbit Echo will have...similar to the RS sats?

Because launch details are not finalized, my guess is near polar, circular,
in the 800-1000 km range.

> Operating mode-B thru a fast moving LEO may not be quite the fun that
> AO-10/13 provided.  I would suggest a medium orbit mode-A/B bird...NO
> REASON someone other than Amsat-NA cannot build one!


> I agree with prefering a linear translator vs. FM birds...but
> there are a bunch of devotees to the later...sooo they will be happy (I

If you read Rick Hambly's article (in the Journal or online), you will see
that a main purpose of ECHO is to provide a platform to test some new
communications technologies. I hope that the satellite under construction is
the first of many.

But to accomplish those goals, it became obvious that there was a need for
"simple"  VHF/UHF command/control uplinks and Telemetry downlinks. When we
came to that conclusion, it was only a small leap to realize that the same
hardware could be used to provide FM "EZSat" capabilities. People shouldn't
view this as a downer -- the FM/FM capability is a freebie bonus!

73, Tom

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