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Mode B - Presidents response

To All AMSAT Members,

With the sudden emergence of AO-7 there are several requests on AMSAT-BB for 
a mode B satellite.  
One of my jobs as President is to listen to you, the members and supporters 
of AMSAT-NA, and I know that it is you who pay AMSAT's expenses and bills. 
Therefore your requests are uppermost in our thoughts when we design and 
build satellites.
Since  we first started talking about "Eagle" we have always emphasised that 
Eagle will have Mode B  in addition to its other capabilities. 
The date of Eagle's launch has yet to be settled, - that is dependent on 
several things but chiefly how fast the contributions to the project are 

At this time it is impossible to change Oscar-Echo to mode B, due to the many 
 technical and financial factors, and any attempt to do so would cost a great 
deal of time and money which would result in the probable loss of a favorable 
In addition it would have been very difficult and expensive to design "Echo" 
as anything but the FM/data bird that it is. This is because it is based on 
an existing design with which SpaceQuest has considerable experience.  It is 
because of this that we were able to negotiate the deal we have with this 

Yes, your Board of Directors and Officers do listen!  and we try to provide 
the best satellite services we can with the limited support available, but we 
also need your continuing support and assistance if we are to continue to 
provide satellites to the Amateur Radio Community.

Robin Haighton VE3FRH
President AMSAT-NA
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