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re:Transponder design and schematics

Hi Pieter,

I see you have been trying to do some experiments with lineair transponders 

I see you did also test with the I/Q idea.
I did also test with this idea, and I even made an prototype test version 
and present it at the AMSAT-DL workshop in Marburg.

This system is very flexible and does work very well !!!
I have also made an mode-b, and an picosat mode-j transponder with IF 
technology but it it very difficult to keep it quiet at small size.

The IQ-transponder idea is very stable and also very flexible. It is very 
easy to change bandwith, or to change from inverting to none inverting, or 
change from analog to digital mode. An IQ transponder will also be cheaper 
as it only needs low frequenty components like Operational Amplifiers, and 
simple AF filters.

I would say go on with the IQ idea. At the moment I have no time for making 
an final design, but in short time I will go on with it :-)

73 de PE1RAH, William

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