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FD a Bust - Downconverters

Hi, Gang,
I  and the Palo Alto ARA (PAARA) had high hopes for getting our 
satellite points on AO-40 this past FD.  I just put the finishing 
touches on the S-band downlink equipment at 3PM PST (a 76cm dish, G3RUH 
patch feed, DEM 13U LNA & Drake 2880 into my FT-847 ).  I have a DEM 
signal source for 2401.020 MHz which I attached a dipole to and aimed at 
the dish.  It peaked at S9+60dB within 2 kHz of the sig source freq. 
Yippee!  Tore the setup down and packed it over to the PAARA FD site. 
 In hooking things back up, I plugged the "wall wart" power supply for 
the Drake into the AC socket before connecting it up to the RG-6 cable 
from the downconverter.  On connecting the RG-6 cable to the bias tee, I 
saw a spark -not a good sign.  Downconverter was VERY deaf after that. 
AARGH!  I managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of success!

I have another downconverter - it's a SkyCable 2500HG.  I bought it at a 
Pacificon ARRL convention abt.3 yrs ago.  Has anyone used one of these? 
 Do any mods need to be made to it to make it work satisfactorily with 
an IF output at 123 MHz?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

73, Bill AA6PA

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