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AO-7 heard! AO-7!

WOW! After many years of sitting idle the rotor on my satellite tower came to
life and found a signal in the sky. It was AO-07. 

I became really excited when reading the amsat BB that AO-07 had popped back to
life. So I figured I would give it a listen. Sure enough at 1540 it came thru
with the beacon about S3 and many US stations using it with S7 signals. 

During the satellite experience that I have (AO-10 and AO-13, back in the good
ol' days) it was common practice (courtesy) to not exceed the signal level of
the bcn. Was this not the same back in the days of AO-07? I guess it probably
was. With the sattelite in such an unknown state I would suggest that the
signals are kept to a bare minimum until more is know of its state. 

Oh how I pine for the good ol' days of Mode B. I had a downconverter for AO40
but  between the time I purchased it and the time AO40 actually flew it stopped
working. Judging from the posts relating to activity on AO40 I have decided not
to spend the money to replace it. (Have tried to fix it but to no avail. Even
sent it to an engineer (with test equip) in the US who has had no luck either.)

I hope that the flurry of activity due to AO-07 will actually make AMSAT BOD
realize the popularity of Mode B. Probably not but I can hope!!!!


David / ZF1DC

ps. I'm 28 so the good ol' days were not that long ago ;-)

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