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Re: FD AO-40: You sounded like a newbie if...

Leila is an uplink power limiting program that insures that you are not
putting a signal into the bird on Mode U/S (70cm up and 2.4 gig down) that
would result in you being any louder than 8 dB BELOW the MiddleBeacon
(2401.323 approximately). If you try to transmit at a power level that would
result in you exceeding this threshold (8 dB below the MB), Leila will warn
you briefly with an audible "Siren" on your frequency. If you do not
IMMEDIATELY reduce uplink (transmit) power on 70cm, Leila will "notch" you
out. At that time, you have to stop talking/transmitting, reduce power and
start again.


Leila has not been turned on for mode L uplink. It is only being used on
mode U (70cm).

Leila false alarms due to ground radar at times. If your signal is < 8 dB
below the beacon, you're ok.

Tricksters have recorded Leila and sometimes play it back on top of you for
their entertainment. This is rare, but it does happen.

Hope to see you soon on AO-40. 73

...hasan, N0AN
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> Could you please explain what "Leila" is?  I'm a newbie and I'm trying to
> learn all I can.
> As they say, the stupidest question is the one you never ask!
> Jim, N8AU

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