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Re: AO-7 eclipse plotting

InstantTrack also provides a similar sort of eclipse info, oriented toward 
visual observers. Look for the value under "Magn" for Magnitude. It shows a 
numeric magnitude if the satellite might be visually observable from your 
location (so it's dark there and the satellite is in sunlight) and if 
you've entered a diameter for the satellite. Otherwise, it shows a letter code.

The code letters are...
H -- The satellite is below the Horizon
E -- The satellite is in Eclipse
S -- The Sun is up
V -- The satellite is Visible

This information is always visible on the realtime text screen. 
Unfortunately it is not visible on the realtime map screens. It can be seen 
in the ephemeris tables if you hit "C" twice to get into the astronomical 
coordinates mode.

73  -Paul

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