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Re: AO-7 Euphoria and ECHO

>On Tue, 25 Jun 2002, Robert McGwier wrote:
>> People are forgetting that we have signed a contract
>> to build a satellite with Spacequest.  The contract
>> includes the  receivers and transmitters.  The
>There remains the problems of a decent antenna, frequency compatibility
>with the primary RX and TX, and POWER BUDGET.  I think the combination of
>a low power downlink, marginal antenna gain, and limited power make flying
>an linear transponder on a microsat a challenge at best.  We'd all prefer 
>something with the performance of RS10/12/13, or AO7, over, say, RS15!
>Just my 2 sheckels.

Yeh!  Well, certainly too late to turn around this project, I think.  I
wonder what kind of orbit Echo will have...similar to the RS sats?
Operating mode-B thru a fast moving LEO may not be quite the fun that
AO-10/13 provided.  I would suggest a medium orbit mode-A/B bird...NO
REASON someone other than Amsat-NA cannot build one!  Certainly if done in
a cooperative manner with Amsat they would be willing to help with finding
a "ride"!  I wonder if any of the Russian engineers are still around that
built the RS birds?

I agree with prefering a linear translator vs. FM birds...but there are a
bunch of devotees to the later...sooo they will be happy (I hope).

my 2-cents

I'm hoping for a mode-SX bird, frankly...whistling in the breeze!

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