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AO-7 mode information

Here is some information from Jan about how the modes originally 
worked.  Not enough info yet to determine if they are still this way.
Also, a couple of 70cm TLM reports I've see show only three values in each 
row.  At present that's a mystery.  More 70cm TLM would be appreciated.

>There are four major modes.  This is how these "modes"
>got their
>name.  It lasted long after the satellite died.  Funny.  We labeled the
>outputs from
>this logic circuit A, B, C and D.  So:
>Mode A:  2m/10m repeater on; all else off
>Mode B:  70cm/2m repeater on; all else off
>Mode C:  70cm/2m repeater on at half power; all else off (bet you didn't
>know that one)  [He's right, new one on me :)]
>Mode D:  All off except 70 cm beacon CAN be on in this mode.
>The logic is such that it is not possible to have things on that are
>incompatible.  That
>was tested for thousands of hours to make sure it was flawless.

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