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RE: AO-7 Euphoria and ECHO


The choice of Mode V/U (J) for AO-E is not limited by the contract with
SpaceQuest.  We asked SpaceQuest to build the basic components of the
satellite so AMSAT members would not have to build the same stuff, yet
again.  We recognized that the euphoria over building satellites we
experienced a decade ago could not be repeated if the activity this time
was going to be a simple repeat of the same activity by the same people.
So we chose to procure the baseline equipment and build the new stuff
like mode L/S wideband transponder. So why Mode V/U?

First, SpaceQuest has no Mode U/V (B) transmitters or receivers in their
inventory. Nor do they have any linear transponders.  So we could take
it with no RF equipment or with mode V/U FM Rx/Tx as a baseline.  We
opted to take what was available.

Second, there is plenty of room for one or more optional payloads. I
have a list of potential volunteers to help with the Mode L/S
transponder.  There is not so much as one volunteer for actually
building a Mode U/V transponder, either FM or linear. I am still looking
for the technical leader for the Mode L/S transponder.

People should remember that AMSAT-NA is YOU.  We are not some obscure
"THEM".  So if people on AMSAT-BB choose to bash AMSAT-NA for not making
the decisions they would have made, fine.  But if they haven't sent a
note to a Board Member or Officer, run for election, or attended a Board
meeting, then shame on them.  The Board and Officers of AMSAT-NA are not
clairvoyant. And, you will find, that other AMSAT members have other
views.  It is impossible to satisfy everyone.

I am not a Board member or Officer so I don't speak for AMSAT-NA but I
am interested in the future of AMSAT so I am running for office, I
attend the Board meetings, I go to the AO-E project meetings and I am a
member of the Project Committee. 


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People are forgetting that we have signed a contract
to build a satellite with Spacequest.  The contract
includes the  receivers and transmitters.  The
only thing not under contract is the TSFR module
for our experiment if I read the recent article
and filter it with discussions held here.   I would
bet there is no provision in our contract for
changing these details.  Maybe FRH could give us
the details of the contract ;-) and tell us if we
could make such a significant change.   I don't think
we could fit a Mode B transponder in the TSFR module.


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