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Re: AO-07

I agree with Hasan.  When AO-7 went up there was only one commercial 70 cm
rig I can recall that was able to work it via SSB.  I can't recall the
brand now but it preceeded AO-7 some years and was never made again.  We
wanted to get on so bad we built transmit and receive converters and used
our HF rigs as tunable IFs for receiving.  This took a bit of doing but if
you wanted to work satellites then there were plenty of kits available to
roll your own such rigs.  Now there are lots of multiband all mode rigs out
there on the second hand market just waiting for another mode B satellite.

All this to say, if you make a good satellite, they will come by the
dozens.  They did on AO-7, AO10, AO-13, etc.  The single frequency FM/FM
satellites have served as a sort of novelty, but they will never hold a
candle to one of these other three satellites.  The most activity I have
seen as a result of the FM/FM voice repeaters is the amount of complaining
on here about not being able to work it because someone else is 3db

Dave Guimont wrote:
> >With all this excitement at the unpredicted and unprecedented return of
> >AO-7, does it strike anyone other than me, that the proposed new LEO bird
> >ought to go back to mode B and minimize this FM stuff?
> Yay, Hasan!
> THIS FACT has been "striking" me ever since the first FM voice bird was
> launched with all the attendant problems of a "two user bird".  I hope we
> NEVER launch another one!
> I've been preaching this for years, few have obviously listened.
> Maybe the interest created by our old friend waking up will somehow get it
> drilled into someone!!!
> >While people are excited at the novelty of the Lazarus syndrome, I'm betting
> >it makes many people's hearts flutter seeing a working Mode B bird again. I
> >would love to monetarily contribute to a new Mode B bird, in virtually ANY
> >orbit. I'm going to have to be convinced that any new bird without it,  is
> >worth the bother.
> You'll never convince any "appliance operators"...I think we should all donate
> to a huge cell-phone give-a-way, and they can talk to a satellite all day long.
> >I think an AO-7 style mode B bird would bring amateurs into the AMSAT
> >community like wildfire. Of all the sats I operated over the years,  AO-7 is
> >the one I recall most fondly. After AO-7, AO-10 and AO-13 had similar
> >effects. Guess what they all had in common: Mode B. I'm willing to bet that
> >I'm not the only one who feels this way. (And even though I had many qso's
> >on AO-8...I've never been a fan of Mode J...it's largely a pain in the
> >rear.)
> Yay, again, Hasan!!!.....
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73, Roy -- W0SL

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