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RE: AO-07

> Sorry for top posting, but I could not agree more Hasan. Mode 
> J  is a big
> mistake for Echo, regardless of what you think of FM sats. 
> Mode B is far
> superior in many many ways. If the BOD listened to every 

I have to agree.  Mode B proved to be miles ahead over VK as well, from both
an accessibility perspective (fewer stations were "alligators", while in J,
a lot of beginners have receive difficulties) and QRM (UO-14 receives severe
QRM over SE Asia, SO-35 in mode B had none).

> nightime UO14 pass
> for a week, they'd either require that Spacequest build it 
> Mode B, or more
> likely they'd trashcan the whole idea and put the funds toward Eagle.

They could come to VK and listen to any UO-14 pass and hear the Asian
rabble, day or night.  Mode B is clean.  Sure, 2m presents its own
challenges (e.g. pagers, local intermods, etc), but these are usually less
serious, and are restricted to local effects, not every satellite user.

A mode B linear LEO would be interesting as well.  I'm not sure how I'll go
getting power up to a bird on mode B SSB, but it'll be worth a try. :)  

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