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AO-7 suggestion

Here's what I suggest.  Stop being a bureaucrat
and (a) use it before we lose it again or (b) don't
use it but keep opinions to yourself and for goodness
sakes stop whining and for the sake of the almighty spirit
keep your legal opinions to yourself.  No arguments are
going to change the condition we find ourselves in.
The thing was semi-legal when it was launched.  The
facts are we can NOT now shut it off permanently even if
we wanted to because there was no "kill forever" switch.
We can switch it off if we send the right pulse commands
but that is only good until the next reset occurs after it
comes out of eclipse.  The facts are:  it is there, it is
likely to stay there now that it has an open cell.  I
bet it works for years in this mode since the open cell
prevents the chemistry changes that constant charging
into the shorts did over TWO DECADES.

I can't believe that the man that "owned" AO-7 actually
rediscovered it after two decades.  Congrats Pat.

By the way,   both AO-6 and AO-8 both died with shorted
NiCd's . . . . . .


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