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Re: AO-40 FD

On Mon, 24 Jun 2002, Jesse Morris wrote:

> It was pretty easy to tell the experienced operators from those who got
> on for FD.  I think most of the AO-40 operators were "regulars".  I know

I kept having to force myself to listen to the sidetone and NOT my 
downlink!  The old AO10/13/40 stutter strikes again!

> I'm bucking the trend but those tracking radios drive me nuts -
> especially in the hands of the inexperienced operators.  I guess one day
> I will join the 21st century but I still believe separate
> transmit/receive frequency control is best for analog operations.  When

It seems to work well on Ao40, in conjunction with the handy frequency 
ul/dl circular slide rule.  The tracking rigs (I have an 821 at home) take 
a little practice!

> New Subject - There is a new station on AO-40 in Hawaii.  I worked Carlo,
> KH6IBA on the Big Island at the end of my operations yesterday.  He was
> pretty weak on the uplink and downlink but he is working on some antenna
> pointing issues and hopes to have a better signal soon.  I think he is
> the first station I've worked in Hawaii.

Cool.  Congrats!  I was able to work the bird down to about 10 degrees or 
so, then local foliage started blocking things 9signals were noticably 


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